Terasteenus OÜ provides a variety of deconstruction services from engineering to utilisation for both small specific needs and complex projects.

  • Deconstruction projects compilation *NEW!
  • Asbestos work *NEW!
  • Buildings pre repair deconstruction works
  • Production facilities
  • Barn and Silage pit
  • Apartment buildings
  • Apartment
  • Private residence
  • Chimneys
  • Any waste sorting and utilisation
  • Consultation

KIK supports!

Environmental Investment Centre waste utilisation program supports liquidation of visually polluting out of use constructions from our landscape. The Program supports local municipalities in utilising and recycling out of use agriculture, industrial and military constructions and cleaning the area. The support can be applied for every year. Execution of these projects is conducted by the accordance of environmental project rules and environmental ministers regulation.

We offer consultation and aid for KIK support applications.

Deconstruction activities are regulated under Building law. These works may pose more threat than building something new. Deconstruction projects are composed of explanatory note, technological descriptions, site plan, construction blueprints and utilisation plans. Works on culturaly and environmentaly valuable areas need coordination with heritage protection officials. Smaller than sixty square meter construction area needs only local municipalities written agreement.