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Wacker Neuson 75Z3
JCB telescopic lifter
telescopic lifter
Lifter CAT 930
Lifter CAT 930, construction equipment renting
Lifter excavator CAT 434F2HRC
Lifter-excavator CAT-434HRC, Ehitustehnika rent

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Excavator Case CX35BExcavator Case CX35B

Weight 3.5 tons. Depth of excavation 3.1 m. Length of excavation 5.2m. Different buckets can be attached.

Excavator Case CX250DExcavator Case CX250D

Weight 25 tons. 6.9m depth of the excavation. 10m length of the excavation. Bucket capacity 1.9m3.

Ehitustehnika, WL 70 laadurWL 70 lifter

Power 90kW. Weight 7 tons. Bucket capacity 1.1m3.

Construction Equipment, Volvo A25Dumper Volvo A25

Load capacity 22.5 tons. Length 9.5m. Width 2.5m. Height 3.2m

Power Screen Warrior 1400, sõelPower Screen Warrior 1400

Weight 25 tons. Crushing capacity 500 tons / hour. Length 13.6m. Width of 2.75m. Height 3.2m.

mini excavatorSmall excavator JCB 8080 ZTS

Weight 8.4 tons. 4.2m excavation depth. 6,6m length of the excavation.

Doppstadt SM-518, construction equipment rentingDoppstadt SM-518

Weight 17 tons. Length 15m. Width 2.5m. Height 4m.

lifter cat-950, construction equipment rentingLifter CAT 950

Power 151 kW. Weight 18.5 tons. Bucket capacity 4.4 m3.

ekskavaator, CASE CX210DLCCASE CX210DLC excavator

Weight 21 tons. 6.7 m depth. Length of 9.8m Bucket capacity 1.1m3.

excavatorWacker Neuson 75Z3

Weight 7,5 tons. Depth of excavation 4m. Length of excavation 4,9m. Height of excavation 2,66m.


Capacity of solo 15 tons, tracks 28 tons.

telescopic lifterJCB telescopic lifter

Weight 10 tons. Lifting height 12 meters. Width of 2.57m. Height 2,6m.

Lifter CAT 930, construction equipment rentingLifter CAT 930

Power 122 kW. Weight 14 tons. Bucket capacity 5m3.

Lifter-excavator CAT-434HRC, Ehitustehnika rentLifter excavator CAT 434F2HRC

Weight 9.5 tons. Excavation depth 4.3 m. Bucket Capacity 948kg.

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